The Reasons Why We Subscribe to Multiple Sites

As everyone now knows, the odds proposed by the bookmakers for the same event are never the same. If you are a punter you will not be interested in them, but if you play assiduously this aspect should not be put aside. For this type of player, joining different betting web sites could create a real advantage, accumulating so many bonuses. For beginners, opening different profiles is not an advantageous action, if you are a beginner and you do not yet know the sector well. The newly registered customer can also take advantage of the bonuses without adding more money to the account. Having several bookmakers available is part of a well-defined game strategy for professional players. There are two main advantages: Accumulate registration bonusesBetting with different oddsThe other interesting point concerns those who want to bet large sums of money. For example for the average bettor a discrepancy of 0.10 between one bookmaker and another will not make much difference. For example, if you bet € 5, you can have a maximum discount of 50 cents between the two choices. On the other hand, the gap is more consistent for a game than € 50. Let’s take an example: Bookmakers A offers the following fees: 1.50 – 5 – 3.4Bookmaker B instead: 1.40 – 4.20 – 2.70The odds together will be 25.5 for bookmaker A and 15.87 for B. betting 50 € the difference of 482 in the event of winning the bet. This should make you open your eyes and make you understand why it is important to have more than one betting account. Among the brands that offer a bonus on the first bet lost we find Betfair and Betclic. Both give you the chance not to lose large sums of money if the first ticket is lost. Also because the Betting Sites try to balance the odds, but sometimes you find larger odds on different bookmakers, and that’s why you have to compare at least every time the major bookmakers offering odds for that event.